SAN JOSE, Calif., March 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — It’s no secret the fuel economy majorly impacts the transportation industry. High fuel costs are enough to drive many companies to search for ways of reducing fuel waste and improve driver efficiency.

Fleet owners have to take into consideration all the possible factors contributing to their company’s fuel waste. But where do they start?

It starts with how much your fleet is spending on fuel, which vehicles are causing the highest fuel waste, and how efficient are drivers operating vehicles.

„This is where numbers and data become important so companies can start the fuel cutting process, but that can be too much work to take on as a fleet owner. It can be confusing if a company has no way to pinpoint where or what is the biggest cause of fuel waste or if the data they’re putting together is completely accurate. Which is why our company developed a fleet technology using artificial intelligence to help cut down work and save fuel,“ said Ezra Kwak, CTO of FleetUp, a Silicon Valley based fleet management company.

There’s plenty of software out there that can give companies an estimate on fuel spendage, but FleetUp offers a patented solution that measures exactly how much a company’s fleet is consuming and what’s causing the high fuel cost and waste.

FleetUp’s Fuel A.I. Dashboard, is a simple automated solution that measures driver fuel waste straight from the engine. The A.I. system then smartly runs the numbers into it’s online platform and generates actionable data on an easy-to-read graph for the fleet owner.

This is how the data breaks down

  • Fuel consumption by the gallons over a time period
  • All fuel waste causes such as hard braking, hard acceleration, RPM, speed and idling
  • The main fuel waste cause
  • Which drivers and vehicles are causing the biggest fuel waste

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About FleetUp
Founded in 2013 and based in the heart of Silicon Valley, FleetUp offers a patented, FMCSA-compliant suite of integrated telematics and GPS applications. FleetUp provides service and distribution companies with unprecedented insight into their operations, empowering them with actionable data to optimize the efforts of vehicles and drivers, allowing for maximum revenue while reducing operating costs. For more information, please visit


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